The Tec-9 returns, or why you might want to drop the CZ-75

The Tec-9 returns, or why you might want to drop the CZ-75

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On the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 10, publisher of CS:GO, Valve Corporation, revealed an exciting new update to the game. In this update were two new maps in the casual rotation, an added map in the competitive rotation, a change to pistol economy, and, arguably most importantly, adjustments to the CZ-75 and Tec-9. 

The specifics

CZ-75a: Adjusted the CZ75a to encourage semi-automatic fire at medium and long ranges.
— increased recoil and fire inaccuracy
— slightly improved accuracy recovery rate

Tec-9: Adjustments to make the weapon more forgiving at medium rates of fire.
— reduced fire inaccuracy
— slightly improved accuracy recovery rate

Both pistols have seen eras of their own, with the automatic CZ-75 enjoying ample use in the recent and not-so-recent past. In contrast, since being nerfed, the Tec-9 has been underused greatly, with players preferring the CZ-75 9.9/10 times.

With the recent patch, the physics of both these pistols have changed. The Tec-9 saw an upgrade in the form of a reduced fire inaccuracy and a slightly improve accuracy recovery rate. Conversely, the CZ-75 was hit with the nerf hammer, taking a swing at its long and medium-range capabilities, where recoil and fire inaccuracy have been increased. To balance this heavy adjustment, Valve gave it a slightly improved accuracy recovery rate.

How does it affect me?


— CZ-75 long-range spray is severely ineffective
— CZ-75 to favour more one-tap to bullet-spray playstyle
— Tec-9 has somewhat returned to its previous form, favouring excellent aimers
— Tec-9 also calls for conserative approach to shooting

Let's start off with the automatic pistol, seeing as the CZ-75 was the weapon of choice for many players, both casual and competitive. Meanwhile, the Tec-9 was in a bit of a slumber. The automatic wonder will now be less effective at range, particularly if you're thinking of going for a cheeky 2-4 bullet spray with the pistol. You used to be able to get away with it, but now you'll really have to rely on the one-taps if you want to deal damage. The grouping of bullets isn't too bad in short-to-medium range still, but if you're trying to spray someone down in a pistol force on A Long from Pit to A site, you've got as many chances as an ice cube does in hell. Having said this, the weapon is by no means defunct, as it has retained its automatic nature, and in close proximity just might remain the weapon of choice if you're looking for a force buy pistol.

The CZ-75 is still a monster at holding close angles due to its automatic nature

The glorious Tec-9 is back in action. It's awake from a long slumber since the good old days when Tec-9 forces were the go to for many a team, most famously Fnatic and their immense wrecking power with the pistol.

Two positive changes were made to the weapon, making it significantly more usable. No longer is the fire inaccuracy as bad as it was, and neither is the accuracy recovery rate. The Tec-9's power laid in its ability to spam bullets at an unprecedented rate for a semi-automatic pistol. If you clicked fast enough and had an aim that you could bet your life on, you were golden, and despite having an equipment disadvantage against the opponent, there was always a chance you'd take the round. It seems this will see somewhat of a return, albeit not quite the same state the weapon was before. Similar to the CZ-75, the Tec-9 will benefit from a more conservative approach to shooting, where you're able to group bullets better by tapping the pistol, as opposed to spamming mouse button 1.

Familiar sight? Time to bring back the Tec-9 rush B - the weapon will excel if utility is used well

The verdict


— Both pistols will be viable options
— Choice between the two will depend on map and situations
— Pistols, in general, will have less impact due to eco changes

The adjustments brought in the patch effective only really made the Tec-9 more usable and balanced the CZ-75 that was out of hand to begin with. Both pistols will be viable choices in a competitive environment, and perhaps the Tec-9 will see some more air time in tournament streams, thanks to its improved parameters. Seeing as both teams are able to use the CZ-75, the choice between the two will come down to the map and situations you see yourself using the weapons in.

CZ-75 — an all-ranges hybrid

If it's a mix of long to mid-range, then perhaps the CZ-75 would be your friend, given you're proficient in aiming and landing headshots with single bullet taps. Think something along the lines of pushing through Garage on Cache as a T, looking to secure Mid control of the map.  It's a solid comibination for these ranges specifically, as the bullet grouping isn't bad enough mid-range to not spam 2-4 bullets, while at range, it's still decent for 1 taps. It provides a hybridised option where you can spam someone down really fast close up, while retaining the ability to take someone from afar.

Tec-9 — for your mid-range T rush needs

If you're partial to fast rush plays on the T side on maps that have areas with close to mid-range proximity, the Tec-9 will be the weapon of choice. A good example of this would be a T rush on Nuke via Hut: deploy utility via door and let it rain on the CTs, or, to bring up an iconic one suggested above, the good old Tec-9 B rush. Get your best player a Tec-9, or if your economy is solid buy up Kevlar and helmet, stock up on utility in smokes and flashes, and hit that sucker as hard as you can - chances are you'll overwhelm the two CTs as a unit faster than they'll put you down with rifles.

And what about competitive CS:GO?

Lastly, a few comments on how this will affect the professional scene both in the context of the economy changes, the latter being:

— Adjusted the start-of-half economy with the goal of reducing the impact of a pistol round win on subsequent rounds.

— In Competitive Matchmaking, both teams are now considered to start the half with a one-round ‘losing streak’ that is reset following a round win. Instead of $1400, the Round 1 loser receives $1900, then $2400 for a subsequent loss, etc.

— The start-of-half losing streak can be adjusted via “mp_starting_losses”

Seeing as teams start off with a $1,900 round loss bonus, pistols will, generally speaking, have less impact on the game, particularly if the match goes lop-sided. Teams will more than likely opt to save up some cash to buy SMGs or even rifles, depending on how many kills were landed/whether they planted the bomb. We could see some more force buys from teams that are running on confidence against teams they perceive as underdogs, but with the current state of the "numbers game" meta, this is rather unlikely.

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