The upsets continue to roll as Vitality take down the love ponies

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The upsets continue to roll as Vitality take down the love ponies

It's tough to get a read on what's been going on with the bottom teams lately. With Vitality taking down the Unicorns of Love, the upset streak continues on in the European League Championship Series.

The loss was pretty significant for UOL. The win over VIT would have kept them in contention for 1st place and a chance at earning a playoff bye on Sunday in their game against H2K. Despite Vitality not having to fight for playoffs or escaping relegations, the Unicorns couldn't get the job done. With the way Vitality played, it was hard to tell which team was fighting for 1st place.

Vitality went for the jugular in the first game with a perfect game stomp over UOL.

UOL followed up with an estranged draft that just seemed disjointed. The team put together a Frankenstein composition with Poppy in the jungle, Bard in support, and Caitlyn in the AD carry slot. Vitality, again, had a strong start behind Lucas "Cabochard" Simon-Meslet putting the beat down on Kiss "Vizicsacsi" Tamas'. Cabochard used Jayce's early game power to bully out Gnar in lane for a strong start to the match. UOL fought their way back with a clutch Ace around the Baron pit to equalize Vitality's gold lead.

Unfortunately for UOL, Vitality picked the game back up by continually getting picks on the Unicorns across the map and gained objective advantages with strong macro play. The scrappy skirmishes gave Vitality their 2-0 upset victory.

With one game left in the split for each team, Vitality is set to play Splyce with UOL finishing the season with a match against H2K. The Unicorns still need to keep up their guard with Splyce in striking distance of 2nd place. A win over H2K will secure UOL's 2nd place in the standings for group B.

source header image: Riot Games

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