All's well that ends well: tiziaN and Thorin settle Twitter spat

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All's well that ends well: tiziaN and Thorin settle Twitter spat
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An ugly dispute that took place on Twitter between Tizian "tiziaN" Feldbusch and well-known esports analyst and personality Duncan "Thorin" Shields on Wednesday was resolved yesterday morning following tiziaN's apology.

The argument started after Thorin posted a meme on Twitter about tiziaN's team, BIG.

TiziaN didn't take to the shot too kindly, as he responded (in a now-deleted tweet) by making a comment that the esports pundit had autism and ADHD.

Thorin, who revealed in 2012 that he has Asperger syndrome, shared the tiziaN's tweet and calling him out for his remarks.

Thorin then went on to explain that, while he knows the gaming community regularly uses "autism" as a joke, using it against someone who experiences the condition is crossing the line.

He also used the opportunity to attack the CS:GO community for their lack of subtlety in the banter used between opponents.

And after tensions were able to cool off overnight, tiziaN returned to Twitter to apologise to Thorin for his remarks, also stating that he would be donating €500 to a charitable organization of his choice.

The ugly affair was finally put to bed as Thorin told him to donate to research grants for the Autism Research Institute (with proof of the payment shared publicly by tiziaN). Thorin then tweeted again about the incident, this time with the intent of putting the whole event behind them.

While the entire debacle was obviously unpleasant, the resolution was ultimately as amicable as could reasonably have been hoped for. With any luck, professional esports players will be more mindful of what kind of comments are fair game and which are not when posting on social media in the future.

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