Monstrous Uzi helps China beat South Korea in Asian Games LoL final

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Monstrous Uzi helps China beat South Korea in Asian Games LoL final
Captured from 2018 Asian Games Esports (YouTube)

Team China’s League of Legends team prevailed over Team South Korea in the 2018 Asian Games finals 3:1 following monstrous performances from Jian "Uzi" Zi-Hao, who earned MVP honors in games 1, 3 and 4.

Game 1 was an even contest, with China and South Korea exchanging blows, with Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok showcasing great control in a 1v3 skirmish at minute 12. However, China maintained full river control and netted an early Baron Nashor takedown (23 minutes in) following a skirmish. Faker’s side then proceeded to stall the game through solid team fight initiations, but defeat was inevitable; a Baron call allowed China’s front line to shine (Liu "Mlxg" Shi-Yu’s Xin Zhao most of all), allowing them to take Game 1 at minute 32.

In Game 2, South Korea played an extremely slow macro game as a result of China’s initial onslaught in the bot lane. They then denied the majority of neutral objectives that cropped up (outside of Herald and top tower at 18:15), then secured the game after a solid 4-for-1 team fight (27:50) where Go "Score" Dong-bin’s Kindred provided a crucial use of their ultimate, Lamb’s Respite, as it denied a kill opportunity that had left China out of position.

Mlxg then took over during Game 3 through an instant gank in the bottom lane upon reaching level 2, putting Uzi and Shi "Ming" Sen-Ming on a rampage. South Korea’s attempt to alleviate bot lane pressure (at the 6:30 mark) horrendously backfired as their tower dive ended in disaster, with China picking up four more kill bounties. From then onward, South Korea was left reeling and reacting as their towers fell one after the other. The game was decided once and for all after Su "xiye" Han Wei’s Kassadin created a breach (through heavy damage on Faker’s Zoe) that led to a victorious team fight. The game ended at minute 35 after China converted a Baron Nashor takedown into Nexus destruction.

Things were not the same for the Chinese jungler in Game 4, as his Lee Sin fell behind early, sacrificing any type of lead he could have earned to help stabilize bot and top lane. As such, Faker and and the substituted-in Peanut had mid-jungle priority. However, Mlxg’s efforts weren’t for naught as they allowed Uzi and Ming to take control of the bottom lane, freeing them to roam. In the end, China sealed the game in their favor as Mlxg’s Lee Sin kicked Faker’s Orianna into hostile territory at the 29-minute mark despite the latter’s best effort to dodge skillshots (falling to a point-and-click ability in the end). The team then secured Baron, sieged South Korea’s base and claimed the Asian Games championship after 37 minutes of play.

China’s victory at the Asian Games marks the first time that Uzi has prevailed over Faker in an international tournament, a matter he accomplished with style:

— 8/2/4 KDA and 39.6% of his team’s damage in Game 1 on Varus
— 12/0/2 and 45% in Game 3 on Xayah
— 10/2/1 37.8% in Game 4 on Xayah.


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