Valve reveal rework of Counter-Strike's most iconic map

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Valve reveal rework of Counter-Strike's most iconic map
Photo by: Valve

Last night Valve announced the implementation of a reworked version of de_Dust2, arguably the most iconic map throughout all iterations of Counter-Strike. The map will be available to play in an upcoming beta depot, where supposedly play testing will take place and feedback will be submitted. It is yet unknown whether the publisher will seek to immediately implement the map into the Active Duty pool.

De_Dust2 was originally implemented in a distant Counter-Strike 1.1, created by prominent Level Designer David Johnston also known in the community as Dave. According to Johnston, the map was meant as a sequel to de_Dust, a map that also withstood the sands of time and is currently available in the casual map rotation. Following their inclusion at the time, both maps have appeared in each and every single iteration of the FPS title. 

De_Dust2 was part of the original map rotation ever since Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's worldwide release on August 21, 2012. Since then countless hours have been spent on the server by professional and casual players alike. This was the case all the way through to February 4, 2017, when Valve revealed a reworked version of de_Inferno, a map that successfully replaced de_Dust2 as one of the seven maps available in the competitive map pool. The replacement was not immediate, however, as only after a total of five months and various updates was the map implemented into the competitive map pool rotation. 

You were dearly missed, de_Dust2. We welcome you back with open arms. 

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