Riot Games finally reveals Victorious Orianna skin

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Riot Games finally reveals Victorious Orianna skin
Image by: Riot Games
Riot Games has announced that the latest Victorious skin will belong to Orianna, and those who manage to achieve Gold — at least — in the 2018 ranked season will be on the receiving end of it.

Orianna hasn't been a particular popular champion this season. Once the queen of the mid lane, inevitable changes in the meta have rendered her rather undesirable.

Here's how Riot Games describes Victorious Orianna:

If you’ve reached Gold+ in any ranked queue, this is your show. Your gilded weapon twirls through enemies too distracted by your sashays to dodge. Glide through the Rift as Victorious Orianna and recall in style. Reaching Gold+ in two or three ranked queues unlocks up to two bonus chromas for the skin.

To receive the reward, players will also need Honor at level two. The only way Honor can be dropped is if they receive penalties. A chat restriction knocks the Honor level to 1, unless it's already level 1 — in that case, it drops to 0.

The current ranked season will conclude on Nov. 12, which is when Victorious Orianna will be dished out to those who've earnt the skin.r. In both cases, your Honor progress will be locked, making your account ineligible for Hextech Crafting rewards. Your Honor will unlock some time after your restriction as long as you're showing signs of progress.

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