Victory Royale: community react to Cloud9, Vitality showings at 2018 Worlds Day 5

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Victory Royale: community react to Cloud9, Vitality showings at 2018 Worlds Day 5
Image by Riot Games

The 2018 League of Legends World Championship's fifth day of action was full of surprises for Group B's participants, and the community was caught in a whirlwind of emotions. The hierarchy of the group was flipped on its head, kings fell from grace, and the West revelled.

Team Vitality blow the group wide open, beat Royal Never Give Up

Team Vitality had gone where no other team had gone before: beating Royal Give Up and looking convincing in the process. That they did so off a cheeky Attila Draven pick against Uzi's Kai'Sa only added to the hype. In a group where Royal were penned as uncontested first, all bets went off the window.

Cloud9 raise the stakes, obliterate Gen.G

Western fans were already reeling from the shock of Vitality's victory, but Cloud9 were about to send a message of untold magnitude: the gap has officially closed between Korea's third seed and the other regions' second best squads on paper.

With Cloud9 busting out a Hecarim pick to counter CuVee's Aatrox and a LeBlanc-Nocturne combo to shut down Crown's Syndra (to the tune of a 0/6 K/D score), one thing was certain: Twitter had gone in fumes, and concerns about the players' curious gaming habits outside of practice had vanished... sort of.

Wait for it, Jankos. You have seen nothing yet, but you're about to see:

Team Vitality send Gen.G out of Worlds

There is no word to qualify what had happened, but there are words to describe it.

Besides reeling from the shock, PapaSmithy, we were watching. We still need to retrieve our jaws from the floor, by the way.

Cabochard's takeover of the game will remain one of the greatest moments in Western League of Legends history, as CuVee's prospects dimmed progressively, before utterly vanishing out of sight (alongside Gen.G's chances at making it to the quarterfinals).

Korean audiences were far less thrilled, and Inven Global compiled several reactions from Inven itself. Here are a select few:

— It kinda reminds me of Germany in this World Cup.
— I miss the Griffin players so much… At least they knew how to fight.
— I think the gauntlets aren’t that important. Let’s vote and send players to Worlds.
— Come on… That [RISE] music video was so cool… But the main character fails to go to the quarters.
— I think Korean esports fans are just too cocky. The ‘esports = Korea’ equation isn’t always right.
— RNG, GEN.G means...RNG - Royal Never Gaming, Gen.G - Generation Giveup
— Why did they use Crown instead of Fly? Fly has been better throughout the split. He performs better and can play more champions. Fly is on top.

And then, Cloud9 smash Royal Never Give Up

Yes. Royal managed to lose two games in the group stage, to everyone's astonishment. There was no stopping Zeyzal's godlike hooks on Karsa and xiaohu, and on other players. Here is a stat: RNG's bot lane went 0/7. We aren't even kidding. Queue confusion, laughter and acknowledgement for Cloud9's prowess.

But there could only be one: Cloud9, or Vitality.

Cloud9's win set the West back into a bittersweet civil war, as both C9 and Vitality needed to win to punch their ticket to the quarterfinal, with the loser of the game risking elimination from the group stage. 

However, Team Vitality committed one mistake at draft level that would cost them dearly:

Try as they might, they nearly brought the victory to Europe. However, Cloud9's composition and Licorice's play were just too good.

That meant that Vitality had to rely on the unreliable: Gen.G winning against Royal Never Give Up. If Gen.G win, they force Royal to play a tiebreaker for second place against Vitality. If they lose, RNG play Cloud9 for first, and Vitality are out. Alas...

Gen.G collapse in spectacular fashion against Royal Never Give Up

Denial and anger combined in a slew of reactions from professional players regarding an incident pertaining to Gen.G's Level 1 strategy. Their fate was all but sealed.

And then, it set in. Despite their glorious run, Team Vitality were out.

Although Cloud9 ultimately lost the tiebreaker, Western teams had sent a message: they were not about to bow out without a fight.

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