VP's new colours: the best of community reactions

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VP's new colours: the best of community reactions
Image by: Virtus.pro

Virtus.pro yesterday announced a temporary change of their logo and jersey design, taking on the green and purple colours of their partner MegaFon until the end of 2018. The sudden change to what is now a well-recognized orange-and-black style of VP caused mixed reactions in the esports community.

Here is a compilation of the more interesting comments and friendly jabs at VP’s new look.

Both Double Dimension and Team Empire noticed a similarity between the new design and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

(Donatello was always our favorite Ninja Turtle!)

(After the Outlaw and Winstrike jersey announcement, you'd think VP's new look would be designed by Gosha Rubchinskiy. But no, it was done by Ninja Turtles)

The "Jared Leto Joker" take on the new logo design Reddit.com

The Twitter account of the Russian "Analytics Studio" noticed a correlation between the new VP colours and this year's The International green colour pattern — and specifically the Promise of Eminent Revival treasure (that recoloured popular old items to green).

The announcement caused a lot of worry about VP abandoning its colours due a simple missunderstanding. The green and purple colour design is temporary and alternative, as was additionally noted by VP General Manager Roman Dvoryankin.

Disclosure: Both Cybersport.com and Virtus.pro are part of the same financial holding.


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