Want to work in esports? Cybersport is hiring full-time Overwatch writer (NA)

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Want to work in esports? Cybersport is hiring full-time Overwatch writer (NA)

With the inaugural Overwatch League season approaching fast, here at Cybersport.com we’re looking to dedicate ourselves to covering Blizzard’s squad-based shooter. We are looking for knowledgeable, opinionated and experienced NA-based Overwatch writers to cover the league both online and on-site.

Find the full description of the job below. If you can check off the boxes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by applying here! When applying, please remember to include CV, cover letter and samples of your written work including news and featured writing.

* * *


  • Regularly pitch and draft unique written editorial content, per supervising editor approval, to be produced on a weekly basis
  • Create insightful written content regarding Overwatch and the competitive games involved,
  • strategies, changes to the game and its effects
  • Produce unique content ranging from interviews, match/game analysis to profiles on team and player histories
  • Report on and write esports news and community happenings on a daily basis
  • Be comfortable and charismatic on social media, speaking enthusiastically about your opinions regarding a team’s success or failures, the specific games and upcoming matches
  • Think creatively about featured pieces and out-of-the-box content ideas with partners
  • Be ready to travel to all the large events for your specific game, where you will be interviewing player, coaches, casters and other relevant individuals and push content back to our editors


  • Previous experience in writing hard-hitting articles, breaking esports news or credible strategy analysis
  • Not afraid to express professional and personal opinions in written or other form
  • Relative connections/relationships with current OWL brands and icons
  • Expert in the Overwatch esports scene

We offer

  • A chance to be part of the ESforce family, as we shape up with arenas, news and esports all across the world.
  • The opportunity to help shape the brand, as we rise from humble esports covering beginnings, to a global news and editorial outlet.
  • Event travel and coverage, establish relationships with teams and players to better position the brand's standing within the scene
  • Work from home with the trust and confidence to fulfill your responsibilities

So if you think you have an eye for Overwatch, are excited about its future in Overwatch League and beyond and want to share your knowledge and opinions with the rest of the world — get in touch. 

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